My daily skincare routine to relieve my acne

About my skincare routine


Today I’m going to show you what my skincare routine is looking like.

ONCE A WEEK! I’m washing my face with Revitol exfoliator which exfoliates dead skincells from my face, I’m also using a brush with exfoliator to make it more effective.

After exfoliating I’m cleansing my face with Lumenne cleanser which are sold in every department store I think.


After washing my face with I’m using revitol agnezine cream to moisturize my skin. Cream also relieves the condition of acne. remember to use other moisturizers aswell to moisturize both morning and evening, personally I’m using a oil free moisturizer from nivea.

Finally I take 1 pill of Revitol agnezine pill to make acne go away from inside.

But if you decide to buy acnezine I deffenitely recommend to also buy exfoliator with it.

With this daily skincare routine

I’ve managed to make my skin almost fully acne clear and moisturized.

Now my skin rarely gets a pimple or blackhead, and when they appear I’m using Tea tree oil to dry it out so it doesn’t bother me at all.


Other tips to control your acne

-Eat healthy

-Drink much water


-DONT SQUEEZE PIMPLES, it just makes it worse


Hope this will help you even a little bit


  • Andrew Matthews