4 natural skincare tips for acne

If you are a victim of acne this is the right place for you

Think about big night coming and your acne is breaking out. What do you do?

4 Ways to try to get rid of nasty breakouts

  1. Baking soda mixed with a drop of water, this mix will dry out your pimple. rub the mix on the pimple and wait couple of minutes before washing out, and it should make that pimple more unnoticeable. Do this once a day preferably before going to bed. Remember to moisturize at morning
  2. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and rubbed to face with cotton pad. This will cleanse your face from grease and all impurities. This should be used twice a day if you don’t have cleanser
  3. Tea tree oil to the spot, it dries pimple down and reduces it size almost immediately. Use tea tree oil twice a day to the spot.
  4. Most obvious and most hardest part of fighting breakouts. Don’t touch your face, DON’T. Your hands are dirty and greasy so just don’t touch your face, it makes your face dirty and then your pores get dirty and acne gets worse.

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-Andrew Mathews